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MASTERBET is a fundamentally new, intelligent system of sports forecasts and recommendations that collects and analyzes the entire spectrum of information about the match and forms an accurate forecast for the outcome based on its own unique algorithm. To work with MASTERBET you do not need to have special knowledge and experience in bets. Just follow the recommendations of the system and win, getting consistently high incomes.

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how it works?
Specially designed robot selects the best in profitability and coefficient matches from bookmaker lines
Service collects all available information about the upcoming match in one place
The system analyzes all the indicators of both teams: the history of meetings, the dynamics and style of the game, the rating of players and the coach, compares tactics and strategies. The MASTERBET algorithm includes even the physical state and endurance of the players a minute before the start of the match.
The algorithm compares the verdict of the system with the opinion of authoritative experts, journalists, athletes, coaches and handicappers, and makes a final prediction based on the comparison of probability
As a result of a full analysis of the maximum number of factors, the system makes the most accurate of all possible predictions.
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A few facts about MASTERBET
The first and only intellectual service of sports recommendations in Russia
A unique engine based on neural networks, which allows you to get more than 75% of the patency.
The only service of sports forecasts in Russia, accredited by the authoritative international publication ReportLinker and received the maximum estimate of the accuracy of forecasts of 10/10.
MASTERBET is a powerful software package, therefore it is insured against subjective and emotional mistakes that a person can make.
The creation of MASTERBET engine worked best minds in betting, several eminent scientists and doctors of science for 3 years.
Thousands of experienced forecasters and capers compare their forecasts with MASTERBET data daily.
We are trusted and put on a daily basis by our forecasts thousands of users around the world - and this is our main indicator.
We value our reputation and people's trust, therefore every day we carry out a large-scale work to improve the system
We act openly and strictly within the law. We are always available to contact and meet, our technical support is 24/7.
Contact information can be found in the Contacts section.
The only Russian forecast service recognized in the foreign expert community. MASTERBET is a completely Russian intellectual product, and the contribution of our scientists to the world-wide betting
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